4 Tricks to Help You Get Cheap Business Class Flights

Business Class Flights

While waiting for the airline to make an offer on ticket sales or waiting for your status at the loyalty program to mature might be a great way to cheap flights, it takes far too long. Instead of doing all that, these 5 tricks could guarantee that you to find cheap business class flights all the time.

Business Class Flights

  1. Stick to unpopular airlines

Like with any business, the higher the status, the higher the cost to the client. Look for a less known airline instead of sticking to the popular and well-known airlines. Usually, the airfare for such an airline has considerably cheaper business class tickets than the famous airline in their bid to draw in more clients. The least dominant airline on the route to Tokyo is, therefore, going to be one of the cheapest and you can board it any time.

  1. Connect flights

Express flights are far more expensive than the connect flights. Instead of boarding express flights, split your tickets and travel with connect flights. Of course, you have to check the route to make sure that you do not pay more than you would have had you used an express flight. As an added bonus, look for airlines whose origin is from a country with close ties to Japan. Such a country will have business class flights and could save you a lot of money if used as a connect flight.

  1. Look for 5th freedom routes and airlines

Certain airlines are allowed to operate on certain routes between certain cities even though they are not part of either of those countries. These airlines are known as 5th freedom airlines. The airfare on a fifth freedom flight is far cheaper than that of any other airline and you could use this to your advantage. Looking for fifth freedom airlines operating on the Tokyo route is a great way to get cheap business class flights to Tokyo.

  1. Look for an all business class airline

While these are not as common, those that are available offer cheap business class flights. Although the competition with major airlines almost always ends up eradicating the all business class flights, it can also be a good thing. If you know of a city with an all business class flight to Tokyo, then you can either take that flight or take one from the competitor. Since the all business class flights are cheaper, the competition is also forced to lower their price, which is great for you as the client.

It is important that you double check the route and total cost when using any of these tricks to make sure that your total journey does not end up being more expensive than the alternatives.