5 Top Destinations for a Surfing Vacation


Every surfer dreams about visiting exotic locations and riding perfect waves. Wanderlust lives in the heart of every surfer and a tour around the world ripping up the best breaks is a life-goal every wave rider needs to accomplish.

Here are 5 of the best surfing locations in the world. These tropical paradises offer surfers the waves of their life, and if your partner doesn’t surf, they can relax in tropical paradise. So, pack your board bags, and don’t forget the beach towels and sunscreen!

  1.    Oahu – Hawaii

Start your trip in the mecca of surfing, the 8-mile miracle that is the North Shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. This strip of coastline features the most iconic spots in the history of surfing. The legacy left by the Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Sunset Beach will resound in the hearts and minds of surfers from every generation.

Surf the big waves of Waimea, or drop into the biggest barrel of your life at Pipeline. Just make sure you stay away from the reef, they’re always pulling bodies out of the caves.

  1.    Tavarua – Fiji

The Pacific Islands have some of the best surf breaks in the world. Tavarua is a heart-shaped island renowned for its local waves; Cloudbreak and restaurants. Cloudbreak experienced its biggest swell in a decade in June of 2018, with 25-foot barrels charged by the world’s best surfers.

The island offers plenty to do for those that don’t surf. Local fishing trips, excellent snorkeling opportunities, and interesting cultural programs keep your days busy if the surf is flat, or you don’t feel like heading out into a big swell.

  1.    Bali – Indonesia

When people think about surfing, they must dream of the perfection that is Bali. Home of the Rip Curl Pro and the Bali Protected surf events, the beaks of Keramas and Padang Padang offer some of the most perfect left-hand point breaks in the world. A must for any goofy-footer, this island paradise has perfect waves, amazing people, and plenty of nightlife to enjoy after the day’s waves are done.

  1.    Teahupoo – Tahiti

Keep heading out in the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia where you can find the tiny Tahitian island of Teahupoo. Know around the world for its huge, thick, slabbing barrel that grinds onto a shallow reef, Teahupoo is a wave for the seasoned barrel-rider.

  1.    The Maldives

Live in a house on stilts above the water and catch a skip out to the local reef break in front of your resort. The Maldives offer some of the world’s clearest water with a vast diversity of sea life. Spend your flat days snorkeling, free-diving, or visiting one of the deserted islands for a private picnic.

Things to Remember Before You Travel

Don’t forget to update your passport and obtain all the necessary visas before you rush off on your surf trip. Visit https://www.hammamas.com.au/ for essential beach apparel and gear.