Best Places to Enjoy India Vacation Packages During February


The month of February is celebrated as the month of love everywhere because of St. Valentine. Almost, every couple plans to roam out to spend special time with their loved ones. Apart from the valentine month, this month is also considered good to travel because of the pleasant weather in many regions of India during February. It is a month when winter starts transforming into a marvelous spring season. Since it is neither too hot nor too cold, people prefer a lot to travel to different places of India during the month of February. This blog lists some of the places where you can get to enjoy India vacation packages during February month.

Following are the places that you must visit to enjoy India Vacation tour during February:

  1. Goa: If you are a beach lover, then February is the best month to have leisure in Goa. During this month, the weather in Goa is found to be pleasant with no rainfall and sunny sky. Therefore, such climatic conditions make Goa the best place to travel during this month of the year. One of the another reason to visit this state during February is an annual traditional fair that is organized every year in this month. It is basically a Portuguese festival that offers a lot of entertainment in the form of dance, music and short plays.
  2. Agartala: If you have an interest in natural beauty and cultural diversity as well, then Agartala is the best place for you to visit during this month. It is preferred to visit this city during February because, after February, the temperature keeps rising up that makes it difficult for travelers to enjoy and explore the city. Although the city is so far from the lifestyle of metro cities, but still it is the most developed city in the state. Nature lovers must visit Gondacherra wildlife sanctuary, Sepahijala and Jampui hills in this city, whereas cultural diversity lovers must visit some of the palaces like Nir Mahal, Kunjaban Palace and Ujjayanta Palace.
  3. Nasik: Nasik that is also called as the vineyard city is one of the best places for travelers to visit during February as you may get to enjoy the great music and wine festival in the month of February in Nasik. You will get to enjoy camping in grape vineyards, music, a variety of cuisines, and wine of course. So, don’t forget to add Nasik to your list of India Vacation packages during February.
  4. Gulmarg: If you love to do an adventurous activity like skiing, then you must turn your trip to Gulmarg during February that is covered by the snow clad mountains. Deep ravines and beautiful valleys. Since February is the last month of winters, so it is fun to do skiing in entirely snow-capped mountains.

If you wish to enjoy your vacation with your loved ones in the romantic month, February, then you may visit the above-discussed cities of India to cherish your moments for the whole life. Vacation India is one of the popular travel and tour agency that offers the great deals on India Vacation packages that are liked by all travel lovers.