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cottages in Kent

Everyone wants to get some time free from their life whenever they can and live it a little by doing different things. One of those things is planning a nice holiday to some far off or beautiful places. You can plan a holiday to some other country for fun and recreation and spend it in the country to find some peace and solace which is hard to get while living in a city and following our daily schedule. Life has become so busy nowadays that no one has time for themselves, so you should take every chance you can to plan holidays and add a little more fun to the life. But the problem that people face while planning a holiday is that they don’t find or can’t decide for a good place to live in while they are on holiday. But with the help of Mulberry cottages consider your problem solved especially when you want to find cottages in Kent.

cottages in Kent

Mulberry cottages history

Mulberry cottages were started by Sarah Wood, and she started this holiday letting agency from the rural estate agency. One interesting fact about this company is that it didn’t have any name at the very start and kept running without a name in the very start but then one day the owner and founder of this company, Sarah Wood, while taking a walk found herself staring at the grand mulberry tree that happened to be the oldest tree in the country and from there the name, Mulberry Cottages, started and that’s how this company came into existence.

About Mulberry Cottages

Mulberry cottages are one of the renowned companies of the United Kingdom that allow people to spend memorable holidays by providing them with perfect cottages to stay in. Before 2006-2008 there were not any well developed and established company that could provide people with the perfect holiday experience within their country. The south of the country is a really beautiful and holiday worthy place but sadly there were not any luxurious or comfortable cottages to live in, at least for people living in urban areas which way why people either have to go to other near countries or didn’t go at all. That time was the golden opportunity for the Mulberry cottages to get into the picture and provide a wonderful holiday experience for people within their country.

Kent Mulberry cottage

Kent is a county situated in the south-east of the England and is a place of great tourist attraction. It is very famous for its beautiful views. It is also known as “The garden of England” due to its beautiful fruit giving gardens. Being close to London it is a most visited country of the England with views so beautiful you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off of them. Almost 58 million tourist visits Kent from all over the world and also it is a great spot for holidays for the people of England to who wants to spend holidays in their own country for short duration of time. Spending holidays in Kent has become so easy for the people of United Kingdom and also for other countries since the arrival of Mulberry cottages.

Cottages in Kent by Mulberry cottages are exactly what you are looking to stay in while your holidays. With such luxurious and comfortable cottages, your holiday experience becomes more interesting and give you a whole lot reason to visit Kent and spend your holidays there. There are almost 250 cottages in Kent by Mulberry cottages and you can find the exact type of cottage you want to stay in. Also with these much cottages, there won’t ever be a chance of not finding a cottage in the holiday season and you won’t be feeling left out of the wonderful holiday experience.

Variety of Kent Mulberry cottages

As promised you can always find the cottage right according to your taste and exactly what you desire. Cottages in Kent are of such wide variety that you can find them in even different sizes and shapes. You just have to choose the type of cottage that you desire and that is in favour of your budget and it is all ready for you. Types of cottages in Kent are

  • City break
  • Seaside cottages
  • Large holiday cottages
  • Coastal cottages
  • Designer coastal holiday homes
  • Dog-friendly cottages
  • Cottages to rent with swimming pool and hot tub.

All these mentioned types of holiday cottages can be made available for you for your holiday in Kent. All these cottages and homes are very perfectly designed while having in mind all of your needs. For example, if you are willing to take your pet with you too on a holiday but can’t because the hotels and cottages dot allow then-then Mulberry cottages would be a right choice for u since you can find Dogs friendly cottages in Kent.

And if you are looking for something a little bit luxurious so that you can enjoy your holiday inside as well as outside the cottage, Mulberry cottages again would be the right choice for you as it offers luxurious cottages in Kent to their valuable customers with hot tub or swimming pool. You can find the apartment, lodge or cottage with your desired number of bedrooms and at your desired prices. All you have to do is put the requirements and describe the type o apartment or cottage you are looking for to spend your holiday in and the website will show you a number of available cottages and you can choose one of those cottages in Kent.

Since Kent is located in the southeastern portion of the United Kingdom, people want to enjoy the coastal view, so for those people, Mulberry cottages in Kent provides you coastal cottage and apartments so you can enjoy the exact view you wanted to on your holidays. On the other hand, some people visit countryside only for a country view and to live in utter quietness, for those people such kinds of cottages or apartments with serene views are provided.

Become an owner of one of these Mulberry cottages

If you have one or two cottages in Kent and want to become the part of Mulberry cottage family. Your cottages or apartments will then be given to other people for rent so you can get benefit from your property and Mulberry cottages company.

Online booking

Since it’s the age if the internet most of our tasks are done online and Mulberry being a follower of latest technologies have provided you with online booking services and you can have contact with one of its agents online anytime of the day you want. So if people are looking out for the holiday cottages in Kent they need to just boot up their computer, visit Mulberry cottages website, select the type of apartment or cottage they require and can book it. This way people can book a whole holiday for themselves while sitting at home. Not only can you book your holiday online but if you have queries you can also discuss it with the agents available to you online 24/7.

So planning a short holiday within their own country is no longer for the people of the United Kingdom especially for those who want to have stayed in cottages in Kent. And all these facilities are provided to you with one other than Mulberry cottages.