Break Time: 9 Reasons You Need a Vacation this Year


Taking a vacation is often portrayed as an optional luxury. Our technologically advanced, work-obsessed world means that we are connected to our offices 24/7 and rarely feel as though we are not “on call” at our jobs. Less and less people are taking their full vacation allotment each year, and those that do rarely leave the work phone behind. Instead, we check our emails, message colleagues, and troubleshoot when we should be focused on relaxing.

It’s incredibly important to be able to take physical, as well as mental vacations from work. Don’t believe us? Here are 9 reasons you need a vacation this year.

  1. Vacations decrease stress

Taking a vacation is an important way to decrease your stress levels. It’s important when you take vacation to leave your work and responsibilities behind as much as you can. Skip social media, stay away from the news, and let your overwhelmed brain unwind. 

  1. It helps our mental well being

Our daily responsibilities can leave us feeling emotionally taxed and evenings and weekends can leave us feeling strapped for time. Taking a vacation allows you to get away from co-workers and doing the dishes. While it’s a temporary escape, it can do wonders for your mental well-being.

  1. It will help your relationships

Successful relationships are based on connection and time spent together. Unfortunately, our personal relationships often take a backseat to our professional ambitions. When you work too much, you put your personal relationships under strain

Taking time out from the job to travel with your partner can do wonders for your relationship. It works to strengthen the bond between people as it allows you to both experience new things, places and experiences. People who have strong bonds feel less stressed, and are less prone to mental health issues. 

  1. Vacations give us a new perspective on our lives

Travel allows us to interact with new parts of the world and experience different cultures. This can help us develop an awareness and appreciation of others that staying home doesn’t provide us. Going from a quiet Canadian town to a location like the Protea Hotel in Kruger Gate, South Africa can open your eyes to a whole different world and a whole new way of seeing (and of appreciation) your life.

  1. Vacations are rewards

Rewards are good motivators. Before vacationing, people see better work being completed, feeling more positive and a generally more productive time. This feeling of motivation can be so strong, that experts suggest booking your next vacation the second you finish one.

  1. It helps your health

Your general well-being will benefit from vacationing. In fact, not going on vacation can increase your risk of sudden death by over 20%. This is because of the increase of stress, depression and sedentary lifestyle.

  1. It makes you more creative

Vacationing allows you time to recharge and reset your brain. This may be why people get their best ideas while away from the office. If you want to get more creative, consider stepping away from your artistic or professional pursuits to take a break.

  1. It could help your performance review

All that happiness from your vacation can increase your work reviews. A study completed by E&Y found that every 10 additional hour the employee took for vacation resulted in 8% increase in their performance review.

  1. It helps you appreciate food

Experiencing different cuisine and ingredients can broaden your palate and help you better appreciate different tastes and ingredients. This can spark a further interest in food and cooking, which can also be a very relaxing past time.