Discover Kakadu National Park


If you have a trip planned to the northern territory of Australia, then you will most certainly not want to miss Kakadu National Park. This wonder of a park has so much to offer the visitor, you may not even have the time to get it all in. Keep in mind that the dry season that lasts from May to October will offer you more opportunity to participate on all of the activities at hand, but the wet season that spans from November until April offers incredible lush vistas and much fewer tourists to contend with. No matter when your campervan hire rolls through Kakadu, you will be sure to have an amazing experience in this very best of Australian wildlife and adventure destinations.

Those who visit Kakadu can expect to see the amazing wildlife and experience the unbelievable activities that make the Northern Territory one of the top road trip destinations in Australia.

Freshwater Crocodiles

The crocs in Kakadu are abundant and can be witnessed at close range on a number of tours that are offered in the park. You can see them sunning themselves on rocks and on the riverbeds, and even may get to witness one diving into the river or running off into the surrounding forest. If crocodiles are what you want to see in the northern region, then you should look no further than Kakadu.


The waterfalls in and around the Kakadu area are intense, with cascading water spilling from rocky jungle cliffs into deep pools below. On a guided tour, you can walk behind the falls and experience being cut off from the world by a wall of water. The photo opportunities here are amazing, and you won’t forget any time soon the majestic splendor of these famous rainforest falls.  

Boat Cruises

Taking a river boat cruise through the rainforest is a great way to get off the trails and enjoy the natural beauty of the region in its native setting. From the boat you will see lush rainforest canopies, an assortment of native wildlife including crocodiles, large colored birds, sloths, and koalas. Many travelers to the area have stated that a boat ride on the rivers is the only way to get to the heart of the untouched forest and experience the wonders on hand at Kakadu Forest.

Bird Watching

This area is truly a bird watcher’s paradise. Some of the rarest of Australian birds are located in the Park. Species you won’t find anywhere else in the world are in abundance here, and the natural beauty and color of these creatures will be enough to wow even non-experts. Guided tours are on offer, featuring knowledgeable guides who will lead you right to the areas your most sought-after species are known to inhabit. You can also set out on your own in an unguided fashion and be amazed by all the different types of rare birds that come across your line of vision in the forest. No matter if you are a long time expert, a hobbyist, or a non-bird watcher simply interested in witnessing some colorful and exotic birds, you will be amazed by this true bird paradise.


For those who enjoy casting the lure, Kakadu offers the opportunity to fish in the exotic rivers of the forest. You can rent a boat and head out on your own, or you can go on a guided fishing tour led by a local who knows the lay of the rivers and lakes in the region. Either way, Kakadu is known as a fisherman’s dream so you will be sure to enjoy your time on the water here.

Kakadu National Park has a little something for everyone, so make sure not to miss it when journeying in the North Country.