European Vacation: How to Plan a Trip to Europe


There are what seems like a bazillion countries over in Europe and that alone can make it seem impossible when trying to plan a trip to Europe.  However, if a person follows the next steps, they will find that they will be exploring the European continent sooner than they ever imagined.

A step by step guide on how to plan a European Vacation:

Gather your documents

Everyone who is traveling will need a valid passport to enter the country they are going to as well as a current driver’s license if they plan on renting a car.  Two other items that people might need include an international driving permit and a visa.

Determine a budget

Determining how much a person can spend on a fantastic European vacation will help during the planning process.  There is no point in booking extravagant tours and hotels if the money is not included in the budget.

Choose a destination

The destination that a person chooses may be decided simply from the fact that they have always wanted to go there or it could be the one place where they can stretch their budget the most.

Create an itinerary

An itinerary will give a person an idea of where they want to go and when they will be going there.  This will prevent them from getting up every morning in Europe and wondering what they should do that day.  It will also help them see as many of the sights as possible and not miss out on anything important.

Book the flight

It is always important to book flights before making any other travel arrangements, because a person may need to make adjustments to their travel dates.  Many people will begin their travel earlier or later, especially if it means saving quite a bit of money on the cost of the flights.

Book the hotel

Once a person has their flights arranged, it is time to book the hotel for the nights that they will be on vacation.  There are many different options available instead of basic hotels, so people are encouraged to do their research for the best experience.

Book local transportation

Many people enjoy renting a car and then driving from one place to another, while others may want to use public transportation as much as possible.  Each individual traveler will need to make the decision that is best for them and will just need to keep in mind that some public transportation may not take them to some of the more distant attractions.


As the day of the European trip is approaching, people will want to begin packing.  Everyone should do their research and see what the weather will be like in the area they are going to, because if not, they will not be wearing the appropriate clothing.  And no one wants to wear pants when its blazing hot or shorts when it is freezing outside.

Planning a trip anywhere in the world is challenging, but when people follow these above steps, they will find that they can enjoy themselves much more when they are on vacation, because they did all the hard work before the trip began.  RoutePerfect is a wonderful resource for anyone who has questions as they are planning their trip to Europe and they can help anyone learn how to plan a trip to Europe easily and affordably.