Guide to Moving to Charlotte


    One of the top cities that Americans are moving to is Charlotte in North Carolina. The main draw for many of those moving to Charlotte is its growing economy. It is among the fastest growing cities in America, with population, job opportunities, and wages growing at a rate higher than most US cities.

    But the growing economy is not the only reason why people are moving to Charlotte. The largest city in the state of North Carolina also offers great schools, good quality of life, exciting outdoors, and fantastic weather.

    No matter how great it is to live in Charlotte, every move requires careful consideration and planning. Once you have decided to relocate, there are many things you will need to plan and prepare for. Here is a guide for you:

    • Finding a job. One of the most common reasons many people have for moving to Charlotte is the availability of really good job opportunities. Many people are moving to Charlotte because they found a job there. Charlotte is home to 850 foreign companies and eight Fortune 500 companies so jobs area aplenty. If you are still in the process of searching for a job, any of the major companies in Charlotte would be a good place to start. If you have decided to relocate and then look for a job, that’s not such a bad idea too because of the many career opportunities available.
    • Finding a home. The next step is to look for a home for you and your family, if you have any and are bringing them with you. First, decide whether you are planning to buy a house or to rent an apartment temporarily. Familiarize yourself with the residential areas within Charlotte to see which would suit your tastes. Feel free to jump in your car and drive around. Look at for sale or for rent listings online where photos are often available for you to look at. When narrowing down your search in a specific area, make sure to take into consideration the location of your workplace and your kids’ schools.
    • Get your North Carolina driver’s license. If you are moving from another state, you will have to obtain a North Carolina driver’s license. New residents in North Carolina are required to get this license within 60 days.
    • Apply for utilities. Part of relocating to a new place is applying for utilities in your new home. The utilities you will need to have set up are electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet, cable, and sanitation. You won’t usually have to wait long for these services to be started if there was already an existing service in the house you’re moving in to.
    • Register your vehicle in North Carolina. This is something you will only need to do once your vehicle’s previous registration expires. Once it expires, you have 30 days to register it in North Carolina. Just like in most other states in the US, you are required to have insurance before you can register your vehicle.
    • Hire a reputable moving company. If you plan on bringing a lot of big items with you when you move, make sure to look for a reputable one. Make sure that it is a licensed moving company – the company should have a USDOT number. The company should also be insured and check the insurance coverage. Also, don’t forget to check for reviews online.
    • Shop for furniture and appliances. If you are one of those who choose not to bring big items, then furnishing your new home with furniture and appliances can be fun and exciting. There are a number of good furniture and appliance stores in and around Charlotte, so shop around and have fun.