Have you visited Kolkata’s Grand Canyon?


While there are plenty of reasons to pack up and travel abroad, we bet this will give you a reason to explore India before you check out foreign destinations.


It is not often that you stumble upon information about places that are unknown to all. However, the “Grand Canyon” of West Bengal – “Gongoni Danga” as known more famously, was worth the visit. This gorge is a miniature version of the Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA; and it is also one of its kind in India, so far.

Nestled in the small town of Garbeta, this enchanting and magnanimous gorge of red soil is the pride of Bay of Bengal. The “Gongoni Danga” is situated on the banks of river Silabati and is Mother Nature’s handiwork. Years of soil erosion with regular assistance from the river has facilitated to building the gorge.

A delicate slope amidst the red rocky pseudo mountains leads to the valley. The gorge sports a row of indented laterite cliffs and crimson contours that seem to be artistically painted along the horizon. River Silabati threads across the canyon, while a sprinkle of flour-white sandbanks has formed distinctive patterns.

Who can visit?

The Gongoni Danga is open for all. Trekkers particularly may find it fascinating and challenging to trek along the trails of the Canyon. Its scenic beauty may appeal the professional and budding nature photographers. The “Grand Canyon” of Bay of Bengal serves a plethora of ideas and images to write about. It proves to be one of the must-visit places for every travel writer. If you are headed for an adventure vacation or looking out for a picnic spot with your family and friends then the Gongoni Danga is an apt place.

When to Visit?

The canyon can be seen in its full glory in the morning or late afternoon. The mid afternoon sun can wear you out. During the monsoon, the river flows through the gorge that enhances the overall beauty.

How to get there?

If you are traveling from Kolkata, the Grand Canyon of West Bengal is approximately 136 km away from Kolkata. It is near Garbeta, which can be reached either by roadways or railways.

To reach Kolkata, one can either opt for railways or airways. If you are in any of the metro cities namely – Mumbai, Bangalore, or New Delhi; there are plenty of domestic flights that will reach you to Kolkata airport. The New Delhi to Kolkata flights takes less time as compared to the other metro cities. New Delhi is approximately 1,300 km away from Kolkata while Mumbai and Bangalore are about 1,900 km away from Kolkata. Also, the frequencies of New Delhi to Kolkata flights more. Hence, travel to the Kolkata from New Delhi is facile than the rest of the metro city.

Where to stay and what to eat?

The options to eat near Gongoni Danga are scarce, although there are restaurants in Garbeta. One cannot find accommodation at the site. However, Garbeta houses decent lodging options. You can also check out accommodations at Bishnupur (28km away from Gongoni Danga).