How to Combine Kenya Walking Tours and Maasai Mara Safaris


If you are looking for an unforgettable and adventurous vacation, where you can get to enjoy wildlife in their natural environment, while experiencing the added untouched beauty of the outdoors, this is definitely your answer. Kenya walking tours provides the perfect opportunity for you to get up close and personal with nature. The introduction of game parks in Kenya provides the ideal atmosphere and setting for a second to none nature walk experience.

Much more exciting than driving through and viewing the wildlife from a distance, you get to experience walking where they’ve walked and experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of Africa through guided tours. This is a highly demanded tourist attraction.

The Maasai Mara Safaris provides a different dimension and perspective of the wildlife experience. You have the option to float over the African Savannah in a hot air balloon while soaking up the magnificent views of the African safari, while getting to observe the mass migration of the various herds of animals as they move from their usual habitats into the Maasai Mara.

You will also drive through the plains to complete the experience. The ideal time of year to view this is from July through to October and it is certainly a superb spectacle to behold. This is why Maasai Mara Safaris is the most popular tour in Kenya, as you get to experience the undisturbed migration of Zebras and Wildebeest and sight the popularly known big five, the lion, the elephant, the rhinoceros, the buffalo and the leopard. The sightings are by no means limited to these animals alone.

These two magnificent tours promise to provide an unforgettable experience which will be indelibly etched into your treasured memories for years to come especially since you get to experience them in such intimate ways. Why should you have to make a choice of one or the other? Why not experience both in a single trip for a complete wildlife adventure?

How to Combine the Two?

The amazing 6-day tour package, offers you this reasonably priced combo as well as the envied opportunity to experience both. You get to tour the Kenyan safari on foot and the Maasai Mara via air balloon if you choose. This combined experience brings you in touch with the more than a hundred species of birds while you also experience the magnificent views of the extinct volcano Mount Longonot and its surrounding landscape, lush forest, impressive valleys, a lake boat ride, big five sightings and dynamic aerial views. What could be better than experiencing it on the ground as well as from the sky?

What You Can Expect?

1st Day

Upon arrival in Kenya you will be shuttled to your hotel accommodation where you will receive meals appropriate for the time of day. Here you will also be talked through your tour itinerary and have any questions answered. This is the starting point of your tour.

2nd Day

You will leave your accommodations at the time slated on your itinerary, taking a journey through the Great Rift Valley. Here you will have opportunities to take photos. Your destination is the extinct volcano Mount Longonot, where you will be able to view the luxurious forest which has developed inside the mountain. From this vantage point you can view the sprawling Rift Valley and all the wildlife the mountain has to offer. Your hike down takes you to lunch time. The day comes to an end with dinner at your first tented camp.

3rd Day

Day three is a guided tour of Hell’s Gate National Park, filled with walking, cycling, viewing the game animals and also the rich and diverse species of birds. After exploring the length and breadth of the park, the day concludes with a return to camp.

4th Day

This day begins the start of the Maasai Mara leg of the tour. The journey to Maasai Mara will take you up to lunch where you will check in at the new camp, then spend the rest of the afternoon into evening viewing the diversity of animals this region is known for.

5th Day

This day allows for a full day of driving through the Maasai Mara safari, viewing the beauty of the landscape and the countless variety of game animals on these plains. There will be countless opportunities for close up photos of the interesting scenes which will come your way. The day concludes back at the camp.

6th Day

The tour ends with a viewing at the break of dawn of the wildlife moving around in their natural habitats. Breakfast follows next, then the final journey back to your accommodations in Nairobi.

The combo tour price includes all meals, accommodation, English speaking tour guides for walking, cycling and hiking trails, reserve entry fees and safari transportation by vehicle and individual bicycles.

You may choose to pay an additional fee for the hot air balloon ride to experience the aerial views on the final day, as well as a guided tour of the local Maasai Mara village to immerse yourself in the culture and way of life of the people.

 Author Bio – This article is written by Daniel Maina from African Sermon Safaris, a specialist Kenya safari tour planner with extensive travel in Kenya and East Africa along with being an ardent safari guide with interest and experience in wildlife conservation. If you’re on the lookout for more information related to walking safari and masai mara tours, please do get in touch with him today.