Keep it ‘natural’ with these wildlife tour packages in India


Being a land of varied topographical features, there are a lot of things that you can try out here. Well of the many attractions that this country has, wildlife holiday tour packages are something that a lot of people opt for.

Wildlife spotting and adventure is one of the most lucrative and most sought after packages in the country. From the east to the west, there are a number of forests and national parks where these are carried out and hence you will hardly run out of choices. So if you are planning on enjoying a wildlife tour in India, then here are some of the most popular and must try out options:

  1. Bandhavgarh: This is one of the most famous wildlife tours of India that a lot of tourists try out every year. This is ideal for a two nights stay and offers a fantastic tour of tiger spotting. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh has been garnering attention of tourists and wildlife enthusiasts for many years now for its excellent national park and good accommodation facilities.
  2. Sunderbans: The Sunderbans is the largest delta in the world and it spreads over to Bangladesh. The part of the Sunderbans that is located in India is particularly well known for spotting India’s national animal- the royal Bengal tiger and various other deltaic creatures like crocodiles, various types of birds and of course, lots and lots of deer. The most interesting part of a Sunderbans tour is that you will be able to explore the creeks on a boat ride which is used for spotting animals. If you are extremely lucky then you will get to see a tiger here. Completely natural, if you want to know what unmonitored wildlife spotting is, this is one place that you must visit.
  3. Ranthambore: This is one of the most interesting wildlife spotting centres of India. Quite well known, you will find a couple of international tourists to enjoying wildlife spotting in this jungle. Located in Rajasthan, this is one of the largest national parks of this country. When visiting Ranthambore alone you have to stay here for at least two nights to make the most of it. You can opt for Ranthambore tour packages if you want to enjoy a hassle free tour of the place. This is a must visit wildlife tour of India. It is about 130kms away from Jaipur and hence if you want you can also include a safari of Ranthambore as a part of your Rajasthan tour.
  4. Kanha National Park: Madhya Pradesh has some of the most beautiful national parks of the country and Kanha is certainly one of the most popular ones. A jungle safari through Kanha promises to be an experience of a life time where you can see a number of animals like jackals and tigers. You will also get to see a large number of deer and different types of antelopes. A visit to Kanha will take you at least a stay of two nights and it will provide you with a completely different idea about the topography of your own country.
  5. Jim Corbett National Park: A part of the Corbett Tiger project, meant for protecting tigers from poaching of this region, the national park has evolved into one of the most famed tourist spots. People from all over the country make it a point to visit this place at least once in their lives. There are various zones in this huge national park. While in one zone, located near the Ramganga Reservoir one will find many wild elephants and different types of birds, tigers are found mostly near the Dhikala zone. Located near Ramnagar, the a tour of the Jim Corbett National Park calls for a stay of no less than three days if you want to cover all the interesting safaris that they have to offer.
  6. Kaziranga National Park: Located in the most prominent of all the seven sister states of north eastern India, Assam, the Kaziranga National Park is also very well known for its wildlife safaris and animal spotting. Spread over 430 sq km area, this park is particularly known for the one horned rhinos that infest its forests. In fact it has the largest number of this animal in the world. If you want you can combine a tour of Meghalaya and Assam with your visit to the Kaziranga National Park or you can simply plan a visit to this park. It is one of the most fascinating places of India and hence one should visit it as soon as possible.
  7. Pench National Park: Back to Madhya Pradesh again, we have the Pench national park here which is known for its famous tigers. This is again one of the most coveted wildlife destinations of India and hence is covered by many during their Madhya Pradesh tour. The Pench River certainly adds to the beauty of mystique that surrounds this national park.
  8. Periyar Nationa Park: If you want to travel a little bit more towards the south, then you can visit the Periyar National Park in Kerala. Spread over an area covering more than three districts of this state it is one of the most visited wildlife spotting centres of South India. Keep an eye out for the Indian bison and the lion tailed macaques that roam in this forest.
  9. Keoladeo National Park: Located on the Jaipur-Delhi National highway, this another star attraction of wildlife spotting when it comes to enjoying the golden triangle tour of Delhi-Agra and Jaipur. It is also famous for bird watching and was previously known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.
  10. Sariska National Park: Again in the state of Rajasthan we have the Sariska National Park in its Alwar district. This is very famous for deer spotting and other wildlife creatures like wild boars and Nilgai. A visit to this national park promises to be an experience of a different kind altogether!

Now that you have some of the best wildlife tours at your disposal, take your pick and explore as much as you want.