Limassol A best Yacht Destination For You


About Cyprus

Cyprus is blessed with golden beaches, virgin green timberlands, and other characteristic miracles. The earth is one of the most advantageous on the planet, free from contamination and the other sick impacts of industrialized nations. Here at charter click we will tell you about Limassol Marina check points

About Limassol Marina A dream destination wrapped with greenery

Situated in the core of Limassol, and encompassed by a rich history and different universal group, Limassol Marina has much to offer the perceiving yacht. There are 650 compartments for yachts of up to 110 meters, 211 extravagance lofts and 74 selective manors with private billets or direct access to the shoreline. You can easily rent yacht in Limassol with the help of charter click. An extensive variety of top of the line eateries inside the marina supplement extravagance boutiques involved by brands, for example, Graff, Ralph Lauren and Zilli, while world class workmanship exhibitions and a best of-the-run spa and wellness club finish the comprehensive way of life. Furthermore, for those excited about investigating the goal further, the lively downtown area is simply minutes away.

Completely finished superyacht residences, each based on more than 1,220 square meters of land with their own particular selective water space for two close by superyachts, are a specimen of the tiptop private offerings accessible. Speaking to the zenith of waterside living, every single exceptional estate at Limassol Marina grandstand the finest in nearby art and configuration, getting a charge out of private billets or direct access to the shoreline. Immersed in the quietness of shining purplish blue waters, this double property and compartment proprietorship bundle incorporates the solace of the marina’s safe environment, and the accommodation of its top-notch offices.

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The total packageof Limassol Marina

Round the clock security, CCTV, property and billet administration, attendant services, an all around loaded chandlery, bank, minimarket and drug store are a couple of the way of life trimmings on offer to Limassol Marina’s inhabitants, who advantage from particular rates all through the development’s feasting, shopping and relaxation offices.