Must-Visit Places in Michigan

Places in Michigan

Michigan is the home of diverse beauty. The beautiful attractions range from beaches to forests. Here there is something for everyone. No matter what it is that you like, you will surely enjoy a visit to this region. What are some of the paces that you cannot just miss on your trip? Read on and find out.

Places in Michigan

Grand Haven

Lake Michigan will make you feel like you are on the ocean. The best way to enjoy it the most is to visit the Grand Haven. This is where the Michigan residents spend their summer and you will enjoy sunbathing and other activities. The light house and pier are a wonder and so is the musical fountain. There are many sand dunes that provide camping opportunities. There are several places where you can dine when the time comes. Try some baked goodies from The Bakers Wife and coffee in the Aldea Coffee.


Also known as Michigan’s little Bavaria, this town’s original residents were Germans and some still are. The town has been around for over a century and half and it is home to the largest Christmas store. When you get there you must visit it regardless of whether it is during the holidays or not. The Bronner’s Christmas wonderland brings out the wonderful cheer of Christmas. This is not all there is to see in this little Bravia. Be sure to visit the Zehnder’s restaurant for chicken dinner. The restaurant claims to serve over a million chicken dinners a year and the food is really delicious. To wash down the food, visit the Frankenmuth Brewery and for coffee the Harvest Coffeeehouse& Beanery is the place to go. There is so much more to see and do here. For a romantic getaway try the Frankenmuth Carriage Company while for family the Bavarian Inn is the place to visit.


This is a resort town that has been developed with the tourist interests in mind. The town sits on the shores of the Little Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan and shows very many great views. It is the coastal dream city that everyone needs to visit. Along this coastline you can also be able to find the Michigan State’s stone which shares a name with the town. Just take a walk and find these stones and they will be a great souvenir to take home. Just outside the city you can enjoy golfing at the world class golf courses. If you love history, you will enjoy the Victorian style homes in the town will please you.

Isle Royale

This is the state’s largest island found in the Lake Superior. It is made up of about 450 small islands and the area has been designated a national park since 1930s. There are no people who live here and the entire 200 square miles that make up the Isle Royale are forest, water and lots of wildlife. There are many moose, wolves, fish, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. There is a lot to do there when you get there by ferry or seaplane. The activities you can engage in include fishing, boating, hiking, kayaking, etc.

You should not miss any of the above places when you get to Michigan. Just be sure to get a Michigan exotic car rental that will help you move around. With one, getting from one corner of this beautiful state to another will be a breeze.