The UK is Home to Quality Gin


It is no secret that everyone likes to have a drink once in awhile. From wine to gin, everyone has their favorite choice. Now there is great news for all you gin lovers in the United Kingdom! Sykes Cottages recently published an infographic detailing all the greatest locations that offer quality, exclusive gin. This article goes over a the entire UK and shows different companies as well as pairings for each specific gin.

Gin has always been closely linked with Britain, and with such popularity it is no wonder that so many companies have been founded in order to keep up with the demand for this product. With such a variety of companies it makes sense that each one would have their own specific flavor and texture to their gin.

The infographic itself does a fine job in showcasing each company. For example, number 1 on the list is Tarquin’s Gin, which is located in the South West of the UK. The article goes on to describe the flavors found in this gin such as orange blossom and devon violets and even suggests to try it with lime and thyme. This is extremely convenient to anyone who is looking to get just that extra bit of information about the product their are drinking.

The list goes on to cover 16 different distillers each with a unique type of gin. If you are looking to get your gin fix and are open to trying a whole new world this is the perfect guide to use for your travels.