Top 5 Travel Preparation Tips for Visiting Sri Lanka from India


Sri Lanka, a jewel island nation in the Indian Ocean bears the history of 3000 years. This country holds a symbol of nature and beauty and vast region of business. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, you have to prepare yourself for a safe and great journey. Here are some preparation tips for traveling to Sri Lanka from India.

Electronic Travel Authorization, VISA & Cellular Plan: The most important thing is to obtain an ETA means Electronic Travel Authorization before boarding plane for Sri Lanka. Whether you are coming for business, as a tourist or through transit, Sri Lankan Government needs this ETA for every situation. This rule was implemented from the year 2012. For more information regarding ETA or Visa registration, you can refer the government websites. After arriving, you can find lots of telecom vendors; choose a tourist plan that is suitable for you.   

Language: Sinhala and Tamil are the two widely used languages in Sri Lanka. Near about 13 million Sri Lankans speak Sinhala and 4.7 million speak Tamil. When you visit Sri Lanka, you can see English as an official language also. It is mainly used for commercial purposes.

Currency & Exchange Rate: When preparing for finances must check the exchange rate of Sri Lanka’s currency. Rupees 100, 500, 1000 of Indian currency are like 1, 5 and ten bills in Sri Lanka.

Health precautions: The climate and atmosphere of every country are different, so the bacteria are also unique. Vaccinations depend on the place where you are traveling. Consult your doctor and take the necessary vaccines before start your journey. Protect yourself from tetanus, typhoid, polio, malaria. International Travel Blog can give you more information about this. Also keep in mind that Sri Lanka is very hot so guard you against sunburn, heatstroke, and prickly heat. Drink plenty of water and cover your screen with 50 SPF sunscreen.

Clothing: Sri Lanka’s weather is mainly hot and humid, so clothes are designed according to them. People prefer Kandy or Nuwara Eliya and while visiting temples always wear white to show respect. Due to the humidity cotton and linens are advised to wear for comfort.

Sri Lanka, a country with rich culture leaves a strong impression on your mind. Are you planning to start your trip? Don’t forget to follow the tips mentioned above among which the most important is to carry the Sri Lanka visa with you at all times. So, ensure your fantastic trip by the advantage of some simple traveling tips.