Train travel and general information


No journey to India is complete without experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Indian railways. There is no doubt that it is the most efficient and comfortable way to get from one place to another within the country. The Indian Railways connect the whole country. It is safe to assume that wherever your destination, there is a train you can take. It is very easy if you want to carry out an indian railway inquiry due to the various online portals available that facilitate the same.

Through the online sites, you can check for train timings and the fare between any two stations. Indian Railways is one of the most practical ways of getting around the country, not to mention more time-effective and affordable. You can also get information about the various different compartments available on a particular train and the fare for each. It is possible to choose the means of traveling depending on your budget and personal preferences.

What to watch out for when finding train times and fares:

  • Generally, you will only be given information about direct trains between two cities. In case there is no direct train, you will have to change trains at some station. Inquiries for both parts of the journey, in this case, will have to be carried out separately.
  • Pay attention to the city names that are given. Some major cities are no longer called by the old names. For instance, Bombay is now Mumbai, Bangalore is Bengaluru, Madras is Chennai and Calcutta is Kolkata.
  • There are generally eight different classes that are available on Indian Railway trains. All eight may not be available on all trains. In general, the air-conditioned chair car (CC) is the best choice for daytime journeys. For overnight journeys, the experience would be more comfortable if you choose the sleeper class(SL), 1st class AC, or 2nd class AC compartments.
  • If you are booking a ticket on an overnight train, check how many nights it is. If you do not pay attention, you may end up booking tickets on a train that travels over two or three nights. For instance, the journey from Bombay to Delhi takes only one day if you are traveling by a very fast train. However, there are also other trains that take over 36 hours, that is, two nights to complete the same journey.

Some available trains

  • The Rajdhani Express trains link Delhi, the capital city, with various other regional capitals around the country. They are super fast, air-conditioned trains. For long distance journeys, these are one of the best options. The fare is also inclusive of meals.
  • Shatabdi Express trains have both air-conditioned chair class and executive air-conditioned chair class. They are fast trains that run on major routes in the daytime. The refreshments on these trains are also included in the fare.
  • The Duronto express is an excellent option for travel. They are completely air-conditioned and have AC1, AC2, and AC3 sleeper compartments. These trains are not available daily. They are generally faster than the Rajdhani express as well.