Vida Villas, accommodation for an amazing holiday


Laying on a chaise long and zipping a colourful cocktail near the pool, in Spanish villa. Sounds like a scene from a movie, yet it’s something anyone can do. Especially when you have companies like Vida Villas. They provide travellers with a selection of private properties for rent all across the island of Mallorca. It’s no out of reach dream to spend a quiet, relaxing and stylish holiday. And when you work hard all year round, you definitely deserve it. We all do.

About Vida Villas’ villas

So how about these villas for rent from Vida Villas? They are all privately owned properties, which means they are all very well taken care of. Many of them have their own pool, so my first sentence is a reality, some of them are by the sea, others near the mountain, some are in the city yet all offer a spectacular view. And they all offer intimacy. So whether you choose to go with your special other, with your friends or with your dear family, you can rest assured you will get the comfort and relaxation you can only have at home, while being on a sunny island, in the Balearic Sea.

Being part of Spain, you will find plenty of delicious local food there which glides better with local wine. The days are lazy and the evenings are lively and time goes by slowly dancing on mallorcan folk music tunes. This scenery will help you detach and recharge, will boost up your energy levels and make you deeply fall in love with the island, its people, its tradition and its landscapes.  And when you are staying in one of Vida Villas’ rental villa, you will feel like you are part of all of it.

Traditional or modern yet all luxurious and stylish, the properties for rent from Vida Villas are a statement of Spanish lifestyle. Spending a week or more there it’s like being part of a different world. You can sip your coffee and the sea breeze at the same time. You can read a book by the pool or dive in to chill out. And you can find comfort in every second you spend there. It’s all about the place where they are located, the carefully selected interiors and elegant vibe they express which makes them so charming. And no matter which of them you choose, you will not regret it.

So browse through the numerous, lavishing rental villas from Vida Villas and choose. Choose the one that appeals to you most, chose with your heart and pamper your soul with a relaxing and intimate vacation on Mallorca, one of Spain’s most beloved islands. Leave the worries and chores away for a while and allow yourself time to reflect and recharge in a comfortable location, worthy of any travel guide cover.