What You Should Know About Transfers at the Airport


When you land at the terminal of an airport, time is of the essence. That is why scheduling an airport transfer through a taxi service is important. If you make the decision to drive from the airport or arrange an airport transfer, normally the collection will be done at a time that you specify. Also, the cost for a one-way journey, whether it is to or from an airport location, is based on one pickup or drop-off.

Meeting Your Taxi

When your plane lands, then a driver is normally ready to pick you up at the time of the landing or 15 or 30 minutes thereafter. Also, for a customer’s convenience, all incoming flights are tracked for any delays. Therefore, you have up to 30 minutes from the time specified to meet your taxi. You are charged for any time that surpasses this time period.

Usually, when airport transfers in Grays are made, it entails meeting passengers outside the terminal building of the airport. Pickup is made at a prearranged site. So, if you book a taxi, you are given a contact number for your taxi driver. If you prefer to be met inside a car park, then you also have to pay the additional charge.

Contact Details When Booking a Transfer

So, when you book an airport transfer through a taxi service, you need to provide the number of your flight and the date and time that the flight is supposed to arrive. Include the number of your mobile phone as well.

Once a customer clears customs, he or she is met in arrivals and greeted with a display of his or her name on the meeting board. Transport is normally supplied in a vehicle that features enough space to hold up to eight suitcases, including hand luggage. A weight restriction of 20kg is imposed to prevent overloading of the taxi.