Why Do Vacation Rentals Score Over Hotels


In the tourist industry, vacation rentals are the latest form of lodgings that tourists can opt for as an alternative to booking a hotel room. This form of accommodation is becoming popular among holidaymakers because it gives them a place where they have more freedom to connect with their families. Travelers prefer to stay in such places during their vacations rather than hotel rooms because these accommodations provide a more homely experience. Moreover, the places give them the opportunity to spend some unforgettable moments with their near and dear ones. Vacation rentals come in various forms such as cottages, condominium, tropical villas in addition to apartments.

The experts at Elan Vacations explain that there are a number of reasons for the growth in the popularity of vacation rentals in America and abroad. These are as follows:

  • Easy booking and confirmation

In comparison to hotel reservations, most service providers of vacation rentals offer their clients promote and secure bookings on their websites. Many of these companies provide tourists with information regarding immediate availability of rooms and definite confirmations about their reservations. This goes a long way in removing the anxiety many of these people may have regarding a place to stay during their vacations.

  • A cheaper alternative

Vacation rentals are a cheaper alternative for many tourists than booking a hotel room. Moreover, these accommodations come with many of the modern amenities these people find in their own homes.  Almost all of these lodging have a separate kitchen where the guest can cook their own food. This allows them to save more money and spend this amount on other pursuits while on holiday.

  • More spacious

One of the most important advantage vacation rentals have over hotel rooms is that these lodging are more spacious. Many people may be of the view that individuals who go on holiday spend most of their time sightseeing and return to their hotel rooms only to sleep. However, many tourists find it nice to share their experiences with their near and dear ones while relaxing on a couch in a spacious room. A vacation rental offers them this pleasure even while enjoying the meal they cook in the kitchen. Most of these accommodations have a many rooms and bathrooms, which is convenient for holidaymakers travelling in groups.

  • Prepare their own meals

Almost all vacation rentals come with a kitchen will all the appliances and utensils tourists need to cook their own food. This not only helps them to save money but also allow them to be flexible. Moreover, these holidaymakers will not have to miss important meals like breakfast if they have overslept after visiting prominent sights the previous day. Moreover, they can have own individualized breakfast, lunch and supper rather than standardized ones most hotels serve their guests.

  • Amenities

All vacation rentals come with the basic amenities that people need in daily life even while on holiday. These include crockery, cookware, laundry facilities, furniture, indoor entertainment, air conditioners and televisions.

The professionals at Elan Vacations say the follow factors are responsible for increase in the popularity of vacation rentals among tourists.