Why Is A Van Suitable For Group Holidays

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A van is one of the best vehicles for a group holiday and it is much more suitable than trying to cram everybody into the same small car. You should choose from a wide variety of different vans. Some are going to be quite compact and designed for a couple to travel when they are on holiday. Other vans are designed so that large groups of people can travel together. You might want to think of the larger campervans as a “hotel on wheels” because it has all of the mod cons that you would expect.

Why is a van suitable for group holidays?

The Van Allows Everyone To Have Legroom

When you are thinking about choosing campervan hire in Auckland, legroom is one of the most important factors to consider when you are travelling. You should choose a van that has a large amount of space. This means that you are not going to have to stop for breaks on a regular basis.

The Van Allows People To Have Conversations During The Trip

Travelling in a campervan means that you are going to be able to have conversations with your fellow passengers. This close proximity is going to allow you to be social. This is not going to be possible when you are travelling in cramped aeroplanes where you are just concentrating on getting to your next destination.

People Can Take Turns To Drive

You want everyone to be refreshed when they are on holiday. This means that you should take it in turns to drive. The van is going to allow you to do this. You can tell your friends when you are feeling tired and then you can pull over to the side of the road. Another person is going to be able to take over.

The Characteristics

There are several characteristics that you need to look out for when you are hiring a van for the holiday.

  • Security – the van needs to have a modern locking system so that all of your belongings are going to be safe when you leave the vehicle.
  • Driveability – you need to be able to drive the van easily so that your journeys are going to be pleasant.
  • Legroom – the vehicle needs to have a large amount of legroom so that everyone is going to be able to move properly. You should inspect the amount of legroom if you get the chance prior to hiring the vehicle.
  • Room in the boot – you need to check the amount of room that there is in the boot. You may have a large amount of luggage or camping gear that needs to be placed in the back.
  • Safety – the van needs to have good tires and wing mirrors which allow you to see behind the vehicle. Also, the seatbelts need to be working properly.


A campervan is going to make it easy for people to socialise on a trip. The van needs to be safe and spacious at the same time.