Why Is Taking a Gap Year Beneficial for Students


Unlike several years ago, more and more students are now taking gap years after finishing high school. It is because of the benefits that they can get from it, especially with their future careers. Because of this evolving trend, overseas student accommodation with unique and high-tech facilities, as well as gap year programmes, are also becoming more popular.

Taking a gap year can give you the opportunity to explore the world, discover yourself, and find out what you are capable of.

What Is a Gap Year?

A gap year, sometimes called a sabbatical year, is what most students call an extended holiday because it typically lasts 365 days or 1 year. Students who wish to spend a gap year or a year-long break after they finish senior high school usually do some volunteering jobs abroad before taking a university course.

They believe that taking a gap year in a foreign country can give them a lot of benefits. Aside from giving themselves the breather they need from years of staying in four-cornered rooms, it also provides them the opportunity to learn by non-traditional ways. Additionally, it enables students to immerse themselves in different cultures and learn different languages, which will teach them how to socialise and communicate effectively.

Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

Taking a gap year is essential to every student’s academic, social, and personal growth. If you are one of those who wish to get a year full of adventures, see for yourself what you may gain out of it.

    • You will be able to experience a different culture and learn a new language.

Whether you travel or volunteer in a different country or just in a neighbouring state, learning and immersing in a culture different from yours is inevitable. Along with it is learning a different language. These experiences will hone your communication skills and teach you to how to interact more effectively with a wide range of people.

    • You will experience self-discovery and develop new skills.

Your life and skills won’t only depend on what you are behind the desk, but it can also be gained through various experiences outside four-cornered rooms. Taking a gap year is one way you can explore beyond your local community and your circle of friends, and then discover your hidden passion.

    • You will gain a new perspective in life.

Another advantage of taking a gap year is that you will be able to leave your comfort zone and experience a new environment, culture, and country. For instance, if you will be spending a gap year in Australia, you will be able to learn a different way of life, know the country’s history, and learn a local language.

You can even have the chance to live with other students, both local and foreign, in one QUT accommodation building.

    • You will have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom walls.

Taking a gap year can give you first-hand exposure to the real world after several years of sitting behind a desk. Getting your hands dirty in volunteering for an organisation with an ecological cause or giving some precious time to care for the elderly are just a few of the things you will learn outside your classrooms.

    • You will have greater possibilities to improve academically.

As previously mentioned, taking a gap year for exposure and self-discovery can help you identify the best university course that will suit your personality, strengths, talents, and skills. Whilst some may not appreciate gap years, many college admission boards and professors believe that students who took such a time off are spontaneously seasoned by real-world encounters, which motivates them to do their best inside the classroom.

    • You will learn how to interact and make lasting relationships.

Since most students on gap years have the time to explore, travel, and work independently, they eventually become active members of different communities and organisations of various professionals. Through this, they create lasting friendships with locals, international volunteers, travellers, and even their fellow students in the university accommodation Brisbane has.

    • You will have more chances to encounter career opportunities.

Because of the fact that gap year students usually return to college with a new learning perspective, they mostly excel after college. It is because, during their gap year travel or volunteering jobs, they gained knowledge on cultural differences, language barriers, and communication gaps, which will motivate them to learn in return.

Spending a Gap Year in Australia

An increasing number of students spend a gap year in Australia, which is why the country is now offering more gap year programmes as well as friendly student apartments and student rooms for both local and international students than before. In fact, this vast country has the best beaches and wildlife conservations gap-year students would love the most.

Student accommodation Brisbane wide and other student accommodation providers all around Australia are repeatedly building high-end QUT student accommodation facilities and amenities to cater to the needs of millennials and those who are taking a gap year in the country. Who can ever resist Oz’s beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountain ranges, mysterious barrier reefs, and its stunning wildlife sanctuaries?

Gap year students also love to work under the Australian sun by fruit picking or tending cattle in a ranch. Living inside Australia’s booming cities for a year is also one of the things gap year students love, as they can work in bars and enjoy a beautiful nightlife.

Whatever their reasons for taking a gap year, it still gives them the lessons they will never learn inside the classroom. If you are one of them and are planning to spend a gap year Down Under, it is advisable to always book ahead for an ideal place like a student housing Brisbane has. You can enquire of such a Brisbane accommodation facility by visiting Student One.