Winning Dinners – English Food reviewer bags all UK Michelin Star Restaurants


Richard Bagnold, known online as Major Foodie, has completed agastronomic adventure to review every Michelin Star Restaurant in the UK.

So what makes a visit to a Michelin star restaurant so special?

Bagnold explains, “Many Michelin starred chefs are masters at crafting dishes to ‘wow’ your senses. Exceptional knowledge of how each flavour works togetherallows chefs to combine texture, sight and smell. The aim is to knock your socks off with each bite!”

The 5-year Michelin mission has seen Bagnold travel the length and breadth of the UK, taking extraordinary measures to sample sensational food that starred restaurants are renowned for. His passion has seen him drive through the night to get to reservations in Scotland and schedule weekends to review 3 different restaurants in the same region – all to test his theory that fine dining can be bought on a budget.  

Richard Bagnold started his gastronomic adventure as a result of wanting to treat his parents to an exceptional meal at a memorable restaurant. Researching places to eat, he discovered a way to dine at the best restaurants in the UK on budget.

Putting this to the test in London, Bagnold ate in all of the 1, 2 and 3 star Michelin restaurants and was surprised at the quality and flavour of the meals he was presented with. His mission was to dispel the myth that fine dining was intimidating and overly complex.

Recording his food mission by taking photos on his phone, Bagnold was convinced by friends to publish his dining experiences online and social media. Major Foodie’s fine dining has caught the imagination of fans on Twitter and Instagram with tens of thousands of fellow foodies waiting for his next meal and honest review.